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Kabina signs co-operation agreement with Matrix Structures, Telford, Shropshire

Guy Lane (left), Phil Bagnall (right) and Charles Darwin (centre).

Kabina signs co-operation agreement with Matrix Structures, Telford, Shropshire, to roll out flood-safe homes in Britain

Phil Bagnall, co-founder of Matrix Structures Ltd, Telford and Guy Lane, co-founder of Kabina Ltd, have signed a co-operation agreement.

Kabina specialises in flood-adaptive technology for new homes in UK flood zones.

Kabina will be using Matrix’s patented steel frame-panel offsite home construction capabilities when Kabina’s flood-safe homes roll out. Matrix will manufacture the house and buoyant foundation components offsite for low-skilled assembly onsite.

Given the government’s considerable new homes targets, it makes sense to put homes in or near existing towns (and on cheap flood land) rather than between those towns. It would be a way to plug into existing infrastructure rather than creating dormitories between towns and requiring residents to use their cars excessively.

Kabina and Matrix plan to create a row of three prototype Kabina Matrix homes in a flood zone to demonstrate the technology. The team is looking at a flood site in Shrewsbury for this purpose.

Shrewsbury is the birthplace of Charles Darwin.

Phil Bagnall: “Matrix is evolving fast and working with Kabina gives us a significant new product offering, new flood-safe homes for families to enjoy”.

Guy Lane: “For Kabina, Matrix is a natural selection”.

For more information contact Guy Lane, 07798 832576 email


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