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Fit for purpose

The new Kabina floating platform for migrant processing is fit for purpose.

It is specifically designed for accommodating and processing migrants to international standards and can be deployed offshore, independently, safely and securely. 

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Kabina migrant accommodation vessel - JACK EDIT 3.png

State-of-the-art, independent,
secure, floating infrastructure

  • Kabina has  designed a state-of-the-art floating platform, specifically built and equipped  to support the Home Office in its ongoing work of processing asylum seekers and migrants to the United Kingdom.

  • Kabina One accommodates 800 migrants and 100 staff

  • Kabina One has been designed by naval architects and marine engineers, to anchor safely and securely in river estuaries and protected waters, around the UK coastline.

  • Kabina One has no independent means of propulsion. It will be towed onto station where it will remain in full operation for up to five years.

  • Kabina One is entirely self-sufficient for fresh water, electricity and waste management. 

  • State of the art technology ensures full compliance with marine pollution regulations,   ( i.e. zero discharge.) 

  • Residents will sleep in twin, quad or ‘family’ cabins, each of which will have its own shower and toilet cubicle.

  • Bed linen, soap and towels will be provided. Three nutritious meals per day will be served in the canteen.

  • There will be a medical centre/sick bay, a prayer room, a running track, 5-a-side football court, gymnasium, media room, library, classrooms and workshops. 

  • Food delivery will be by means of a dedicated service launch, which will also embark and disembark Immigration officials every day.

  • This entire programme can be achieved at a cost of less than £90 per individual per day. (Current cost to the Home Office is in excess of £150 pp/pd.)

  • Kabina has a full set of construction drawings and build specification ready to deploy and be fully operation in Q1 2025

Kabina's floating platform is anchored offshore, is totally independent of the mainland, and has zero discharge

Kabina’s processing platforms for UK residency applications will have a significantly lower impact on the environment and on the national infrastructure than any land-based solution.


  • 900 people require heating, cooling, lighting, cooking, laundry and fresh water; all of these utilities are produced on station, with zero connection to shore.

  • Waste and sewage are processed on board, using state of the art equipment developed for cruise ships; the standard is zero discharge of untreated effluent.

  • The exact energy requirement to sustain comfortable living is produced by on-board generators, with a load balance calculated to within a few kilowatts; there is zero wasted energy.

  • The purpose-built canteen and galley onboard (with large-scale refrigerators and cold storage) serve 900 people with three meals a day.

  • The Kabina platform is far superior to current methods whereby asylum seekers are housed in smaller groups in temporary digs, military bases etc, with negative consequences for local residents.

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