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Migrant processing platforms

The humane solution for migrant processing and accommodation

The humane and viable solution for processing migrants to the UK.

 Kabina  has developed the design, functionality and layout of a state-of-the-art floating accommodation platform, to support the Home Office in its work of processing asylum seekers and migrants to our shores.

Kabina migrant accommodation vessel - JACK EDIT 3.png

Setting a new standard

The platform has been designed by Kabina's naval architects and engineers to anchor securely in river estuaries and inshore waters around the UK coastline for periods of up to five years, between refits. It has no independent means of propulsion, meaning that i) upon delivery from the builder it will be towed into position and ii) it has zero emissions. The vessel is self-sufficient for fresh water and utilities, running industrial scale watermakers and sewage and waste treatment plants.  Electricity for cooking,  laundry,  heating and refrigeration is provided by wind generators, solar panels and ultimately generators running on green biofuel.


Life on board

Migrants will sleep in twin or quad cabins, each of which will have its own shower and toilet cubicle. Soap, towels and bedding will be provided. Three meals per day will be served in the canteen, according to a rotation schedule. There will be a running track and a gymnasium, as well as a prayer room, library, classroom and workshop. Residents will be encouraged to participate and, according to their skills, invited to assist the regular crew in the daily management of the vessel ( laundry, cleaning, food preparation, minor repairs and technical maintenance).


Food delivery and rubbish removal will be carried out by launch, coming into the tender bay from ashore.


The vessel will also have a suite of offices enabling the Immigration Department officials to carry out the 9 to 5 work of processing the migrants.



Although the vessel will be classified as 'Moored Craft' for insurance purposes, it will have similar fire detection, fire suppression,  flood flooded stability and evacuation protocols to a commercial passenger ship.

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